Happy Turkey Day!


Just some of the few things I am thankful for this year!

Eat lots of food!



Free People’s Jewels

Although I can’t afford much of their clothes, I absolutely ah-dore everything Free People. It’s a very cool, bohemian brand with a glam edge to it. I specifically like the brand because of the colors it uses and for the extravagance of their seasonal catalogs.

I just recently got mine sent to me in the mail and I started looking through it as soon as I could. I was definitely not disappointed! Like always the models are gorgeous, the clothes are incredible and the styling is out of this world. The theme of the catalog was A Fairy Tale Holiday which is perfect for the brand because of the light colors it uses and the extra touches of sparkle you may notice here and there.

One this that stood out for me in this collection in specific was their elaborate jewelry! I don’t ever remember Free People designing such bold and elegant pieces. I was happily surprised. I wish the prices were lower so I could purchase them all! One of the necklaces is nearly $1,000!!

Here are some of my favorite looks *swoon*


Have a good one! xoxo

Best of the Week

From the very beginning, I was a huge Emma Stone fan. I loved her in The House Bunny, Easy A, and in her newest hit, The Help. She is an incredibly talented actress and she is beyond gorgeous.

The outfit Emma wore to the annual CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards this past Tuesday was by far my favorite look of the week. Everyone from models to actresses was invited to this event but Emma stood apart from them in a stunning, glitzy Burberry ensemble. The structured navy corset and the sequin emerald pencil skirt worked perfectly together and made her look radient. Not to mention her hair looks incredible styled like that!

xoxo linds


Obsession: Lauren Conrad!

Although I never watched the reality tv series The Hills, I am a huugee Lauren Conrad fan. I think she’s fabulous. Everything about her is so polished and put together; there’s never a hair out of place. Her style is very girly and sophisticated and simple, but fun!

Since the end of The Hills, Lo has written four books, Beauty, L.A. Candy, Sweet Little Lies, and Sugar and Spice. (I haven’t read any of them yet but I’m planning to whenever I get the time!) She also started designing her own line of clothes, LC for Kohl’s.

Everything about Lauren is perfect: her golden locks, her California tan, and her fashion sense! She’s definitely a style inspiration for me and maybe she will for you now too!

xoxo linds

Street Style

The train my sister and I were taking to get to our class at the Fashion Institute of Technology was running late so we had some extra time to take subway selfies, yay!

It’s getting pretty cold out in New York so I only had so much time left to wear my skirts. I wore mine with sheer black tights, wool crew socks, and my new combat boots! On top I wore my coziest grey sweater. I added a black knit ear warmer/headband and my usual eggplant handbag.

Ear warmer/headband- Aldo

Sweater- H&M

Skirt- American Eagle Outfitters

Tights- DSW

Crew Socks- American Eagle

Combat Boots- Steve Madden

Handbag- H&M

xoxo linds

Combat Boots, Finally!

Hey dolls,

Recognizing trends that have enough substance to last a while is a little difficult. This rocker-glam trend that started growing in popularity about a year ago definitely had the potential to stay around for a long time. I had mixed feelings about it at the time (because my style is quite girly) so I decided to hold off on buying these “rock glam” clothes.

Since then, I’ve grown to LOVE the trend. I can’t get enough studs and leather! On Sunday I bought my first pair of combat boots (GASP, I know I’m late) but they are so comfortable and I love them! The boots I bought are Troopa by Steve Madden in a distressed mahogany color. They’re perfect, yay!

Here’s a pic

Lots of love,


Snow Already?!

Hey Dolls,

Today was just a regular day of school; I had AM dance class, American History, and English. Then, as I was sitting (zoning out probably) in AP Biology, I looked out the window to find out that it was snowing. Yes, SNOWING, in November! Personally, I think that it is still too early in the year for it to snow; it’s not even winter yet.

Don’t get me wrong, I looovee when it snows. I just hate the cold. Weird right? I know. I tend to get cold very easily to I have to bundle up with lots of layers.

By the time I got home, it was snowing pretty heavily and the wind was blowing it around so that it was the inside of a snow globe! It was picturesque, I had to run around in the snow for a minute. It hasn’t stopped snowing for a minute since it started, it’s a true winter wonderland outside because everything is white.

I just stepped outside for a moment to take in the crazy weather and saw enormous fluffy flakes falling quickly and dancing in the wind. So pretty! It’s wicked cold out though. I put on the biggest sweater and the coziest slippers I own and made a nice cup of spice tea, yum.

Stay warm New England!

xoxo linds

The Blackout Look

Hey dolls,

It’s been about a week since Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast and everything is still a mess. Fallen trees still lay in the middle of streets, traffic lights still don’t work, and no one in New York state has been in school since last Friday. Two thirds of my town still doesn’t have power, and many of them aren’t supposed to have their power restored until Friday. It’s horrible.

If you are one of the unlucky people stuck without lights or heat, here are some easy outfit ideas that are easy to put together and will keep you warm!

The laid back, casual look is quite popular right now. Just throw on a basic pair of leggings or some black jeans on the bottom. Then, on the top, wear a thick boxy sweater or a plain tee and an oversized cardi and you’re all set! To jazz it up you could add cute accessories like a cool bracelet or maybe a funky bag. And if you’re still feeling a chill, a circle scarf would look great with this outfit ( ;

You’re guaranteed a fashionable but practical outfit that you can put together in the dark if you are without power still. To be honest, I love this style. I was lucky enough not to lose electricity but I still wear this look.


Stay warm!

xoxo linds

My Fall Topshop Wishlist

Hey dolls!

As the sky turns a dull grey and all the leaves fall off the trees, all I want to do is don a comfy sweater and drink a cup of tea. I’m not a huge fan of the cold weather but I have to admit I love all of the furry scarves and the riding boots that come with it.

Because I had this whole week off from school because of Hurricane Sandy I had a lot of time to scroll through my favorite store’s websites. I rediscovered my love for Topshop and realized that I want EVERYTHING they sell (it’s an unhealthy obsession!)

Here’s some of my favs!

1.  Knitted Stud Rib Cardigan/$96


2. Cutout Shoulder Military Shirt/$80


3. Bleach Hem Demin Leggings/$45


4. Black Contrast Hem Skirt/$70


5. Oxblood Pleated Dip Hem Skirt/$56

6.Webster Velvet Stud Wedges/$130
7. Augustus Padded Hiker Boots/$136
8. Crystal Embellished Army Jacket/$240
9. V Rhinestone Collar/$35

Hurricane Sandy Hits!


It’s been a rough couple of days for many people on the East Coast. We haven’t seen a storm like this in decades and the damage the storm caused was devastating. Thankfully, my family and I weren’t affected much by the storm. Many of my friends are without power, cell service and hot water and we haven’t had school all week. Trees have fallen left and right and live wires lay in the streets.

I’ve had a couple of boring days. I haven’t had school since Friday and we aren’t supposed to go back until Monday. Most of the time I just stayed home and spent quality time with my family. It’s getting cold as well so I’m taking advantage of the down time to make some tea and read all my copies of Vogue and Nylon that I haven’t had the time to read yet.

Keeping all of those effected in my thoughts

xoxo linds