My Fall Topshop Wishlist

Hey dolls!

As the sky turns a dull grey and all the leaves fall off the trees, all I want to do is don a comfy sweater and drink a cup of tea. I’m not a huge fan of the cold weather but I have to admit I love all of the furry scarves and the riding boots that come with it.

Because I had this whole week off from school because of Hurricane Sandy I had a lot of time to scroll through my favorite store’s websites. I rediscovered my love for Topshop and realized that I want EVERYTHING they sell (it’s an unhealthy obsession!)

Here’s some of my favs!

1.  Knitted Stud Rib Cardigan/$96


2. Cutout Shoulder Military Shirt/$80


3. Bleach Hem Demin Leggings/$45


4. Black Contrast Hem Skirt/$70


5. Oxblood Pleated Dip Hem Skirt/$56

6.Webster Velvet Stud Wedges/$130
7. Augustus Padded Hiker Boots/$136
8. Crystal Embellished Army Jacket/$240
9. V Rhinestone Collar/$35

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