Everyone’s Leaving!

Hey! So lately I’ve been pretty busy trying to get together with all of my friends who are leaving to go to camp or go on vacation! This is probably the saddest part of summer because all of the friendships that I’ve made throughout the year (and all of my existing friendships) have to be put on hold because people are visiting family overseas, going to summer camp, or just going on a long vacation.

Nowadays, it’s easier to communicate with people who are far away with texting and whatnot. I’ll def still be in touch with them don’t worry! Sadly, some camps don’t allow cell phones and cell service in other countries is expensive so I’ll be sending those friends some nice letters!

Just the other day I stopped by one of my best friend’s house to help her pack for her SIX WEEK trip to France! It was sad helping her pack up but I know she’ll have loads of fun eating croissants and speaking French! She promised me that we will hang out when she gets home in August!

Also, yesterday another one of my friends came to my house because she is leaving on Saturday to go to Florida for three weeks! I’m really going to miss her because she is one of my go-to girls! We were going to spend some time outside but it was raining cats-and-dogs! There was non-stop thunder and lightning for hours SO I’m hoping we can go to the beach one last time before she leaves!

I know I’ll miss all of my friends who are going away and I’ll definitely keep in touch! Don’t worry though, I have a lot of friends that are staying here with me so I won’t be all alone after everyone is gone! Hope everyone is having a great summer! xoxo