Kendall and Kylie’s Clothing Line

Kendall and Kylie Jenner, the famous half sisters of the Kardashians, just released that they are working on a clothing line coming out in spring 2013. I’m bouncing off the walls excited for this because I totally admire their style. They both have this polished rock and roll look that is so unique and original. According to the girls, the collection will feature t-shirts, blouses, pants, jackets, and accessories. They haven’t released the name or where it is going to be sold at but I hope it’s affordable; I already know I am going to want it all!


OOTD: Fall Florals!

The  sun is warm, the breeze is chilly;  it’s definitely autumn. I dug out my favorite fall riding boots and my army green blazer and hit the town! My sister too these pictures of me outside of the Fashion Institute of Technology where we’ve been taking classes on Saturdays. To say the least WE LOVE IT. The classes are college level and they totally have been opening my eyes to so many different things I didn’t even know existed! All of this hands on experience is making me fall more and more in love with fashion!

Boots- Dolce Vita

Blazer- BP Nordstroms

Shirt- Forever 21

Handbag- H&M

Jeggings- BP Nordstroms

Ring- Coach

Necklace- Forever 21

Bracelets- Jewels by Joanne

Phone case- Michael Kors

xoxo linds

Field Trips & Fashion



Hey dolls!

Yesterday I had my third precollege class at The Fashion Institute of Technology and it is just amazing. I love going so much and now that I take the class I look forward to Saturday’s more than ever! I think it’s just the fact that I can dress however I want and be in the city all day. I learn so many new things about designers and the market that my brain can barely keep!

During class yesterday we took a field trip to the ever-so-urban Meatpacking District. There, we split up into small groups and wandered 14th street. We were encouraged to stop in all of the couture boutiques and look around at all of the stuff that was once on the runway.

My group went to Moschino and Alexander McQueen and a huge thrift store! I fell in love with every single garment in Moschino. Everything from the shapes to the material to the  colors were absolutely stunning; they balanced girly with edgy perfectly. The Alexander McQueen boutique was another world entirely. It was set up like a museum, I didn’t know if I was allowed to touch any of it! I was in awe at everything I saw; I had to snap some pictures. The thrift store was super chic with vendors that sold records to vendors that sold bracelets made of cutlery. There were racks of vintage furs and old band tees and everything you could imagine. I found these two super cute hand made rings and I loved them so much I had to buy one!

We all met together in the Chelsea Markets, which was adorably decorated for halloween with spiderwebs and ghosts hanging from the ceiling and purple lights! Oh, how I love the city.

We might be going to SoHo next week! AH I’m beyonndd excited!

xoxo linds

Phone Case Heaven!

Hey dolls!

As I was sifting quickly through the mail the other day I saw that I got the Urban Outfitters fall catalog, and naturally I was excited! Everything at Urban is just perfect; it’s a blend of trendy, grunge, and girly articles. That’s not easy to do, so props to you Urban Outfitters!

What really caught my eye, though, was what was on the back of the catalog: iPhone cases! I was absolutely clueless to the fact that the store carried phone cases, so I went on their website and shopped through the cases.

They are perfect.

I want them all! I can’t decide on just one, or even just two. Above are my favorites but there are so many more you should check it out for yourselves!

xoxo linds

Obsession: POLYVORE

Hey dolls!

My junior year of high school is literally the epitome of craziness. I have had been so so so busy and stressed and exhausted.

During the time that I am not doing homework, though, I go on this mega awesome website called Polyvore! One of my friends actually told me about it when I was about 12 years old but I never really went on it. I guess I didn’t really understand how to use it.

On Saturday, I was at my class at the Fashion Institute of Technology, for International Fashion Marketing, and we were assigned homework to do on Polyvore! So I reactivated my old account and BOOM I’m hooked.

On Polyvore you pretty much create your own fashion mood boards with a bunch of pictures of clothes, shoes, bows, bags, you name it! It’s pretty much like making a collage or a scrapbook. You can even add text, effects, and borders! When you’re done you publish them and people can follow you and like your collages and you can like an follow theirs! IT’S SO FUN!

Here’s some that I recently made!


If anyone has a Polyvore you should add me asap!! My username is onlineshopaholic

xoxo linds