The Blackout Look

Hey dolls,

It’s been about a week since Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast and everything is still a mess. Fallen trees still lay in the middle of streets, traffic lights still don’t work, and no one in New York state has been in school since last Friday. Two thirds of my town still doesn’t have power, and many of them aren’t supposed to have their power restored until Friday. It’s horrible.

If you are one of the unlucky people stuck without lights or heat, here are some easy outfit ideas that are easy to put together and will keep you warm!

The laid back, casual look is quite popular right now. Just throw on a basic pair of leggings or some black jeans on the bottom. Then, on the top, wear a thick boxy sweater or a plain tee and an oversized cardi and you’re all set! To jazz it up you could add cute accessories like a cool bracelet or maybe a funky bag. And if you’re still feeling a chill, a circle scarf would look great with this outfit ( ;

You’re guaranteed a fashionable but practical outfit that you can put together in the dark if you are without power still. To be honest, I love this style. I was lucky enough not to lose electricity but I still wear this look.


Stay warm!

xoxo linds

Hurricane Sandy Hits!


It’s been a rough couple of days for many people on the East Coast. We haven’t seen a storm like this in decades and the damage the storm caused was devastating. Thankfully, my family and I weren’t affected much by the storm. Many of my friends are without power, cell service and hot water and we haven’t had school all week. Trees have fallen left and right and live wires lay in the streets.

I’ve had a couple of boring days. I haven’t had school since Friday and we aren’t supposed to go back until Monday. Most of the time I just stayed home and spent quality time with my family. It’s getting cold as well so I’m taking advantage of the down time to make some tea and read all my copies of Vogue and Nylon that I haven’t had the time to read yet.

Keeping all of those effected in my thoughts

xoxo linds

Parks and Pat Benatar

Who doesn’t love the 80’s? It was the era of dreams and the disco!

My family bought season passes for Six Flags back in November so now we’re putting them to good use! We went to the park a little less then a month ago to go on the rides and to see Cobra Starship perform! During the summer, at Six Flags, there are free concerts! Isn’t that so fun?!

Anywayyss… Today we are going to Six Flags again to go see the amazing PAT BENATAR!! My parents really like her and I know some of more popular songs like Love is a Battlefield.

I’m just hoping that the weather holds out because there is a chance of thunderstorms all day. I am going to hopefully put out good vibes by leaving my umbrella home and wearing my black demin cut-offs and my vintage Boston tour shirt!

Wish me luck on all the rides!!