2012: My Year in Pictures

We always complain about how long the week is or how horrible your day has been, always remarking “Oh my gawd, can you believe it’s only Wednesday?” or “Ugh, worst Monday ever.” But looking back on my year, I forget all the long sleepless nights I spent studying for a Global History test and the week that me and my best friend didn’t talk because of a stupid fight, and I only remember the best times I had.

I definitely grew as a person this year, stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new things! I also learned so much from school, from the Fashion Institute of Technology, and from my experiences. I’ve still got a long way to go and much more time to figure myself out but I know I have come one step closer to coming into my own.

I put together a ton of photos from some of the great times I had this year! I hope you had as good of a year as I did.

ENJOY xoxo

(Warning: Epic Post)

In January, I had my Sweeet 16 party. This fairytale is definitely one I’ll never forget!

As odd as it is for a teenager, I absolutely love going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. All of the culture and art fascinates me. I could spend the whole day there wandering around.
This spring break was the best one I’ve had my whole life. My family and I went to California and spent half our vacation in Los Angeles and the other half in San Diego. I’m dying to take another vacay there.
IMG_1627 196123_391720357541794_576204821_n-1 IMG_1684
My parents are very supportive of me in everything I do even if they don’t 100% love what I’m doing, so in my quest to figure out who I am I dyed part of my hair hot pink! It was fun while it lasted…
I have the best friends ever. One of my best friends took me to the Hamptons for a weekend trip early in the summer!
IMG_3988 IMG_4004
As you may or may not know, I am a huge Demi Lovato fan. She is just perfect in every way so me and some of my friends went to a Demi concert together in June!
IMG_2604 598834_4245770831065_948254954_n
I even have the best time when I’m just laying around at the beach or the pool with my friends.
Sometimes me and my friends have funny photoshoots…
During the summer my sister and I saw our fair share of concerts including Cobra Starship, Marina and the Diamonds, Brookline Drive, Neon Trees, Megan and Liz, and another Demi Lovato concert!!
IMG_4213 IMG_4248 563353_397134707000359_670795980_n IMG_3183
We also met Lindsey Shaw from Pretty Little Liars in NYC!!!!
I took a week-long course at the Fashion Institute of Technology for Public Relations in the fashion industry. I made great friends and I was exposed to so much that I never knew existed
And another great weekend in the Hamptons!
IMG_3838 IMG_3870
Me and my mom spent many fall evenings tending to our vegetable garden in a community area! It was beautiful and such a serene getaway even though our vegetables didn’t do too well…
IMG_3874 IMG_3875
Happy Halloween from the superheroes!
My high school football team is incredibly talented and they made it all the way to state finals and they won! The game was up in Syracuse, NY so my best friend Danielle and I spent the weekend there.
Every Saturday during the fall and winter I took an International Fashion Marketing class at FIT and absolutely loved it!
IMG_4963 IMG_6202 IMG_6136 IMG_5529 IMG_5484
I hope 2013 treats us well!! Happy New Year!

Parks and Pat Benatar

Who doesn’t love the 80’s? It was the era of dreams and the disco!

My family bought season passes for Six Flags back in November so now we’re putting them to good use! We went to the park a little less then a month ago to go on the rides and to see Cobra Starship perform! During the summer, at Six Flags, there are free concerts! Isn’t that so fun?!

Anywayyss… Today we are going to Six Flags again to go see the amazing PAT BENATAR!! My parents really like her and I know some of more popular songs like Love is a Battlefield.

I’m just hoping that the weather holds out because there is a chance of thunderstorms all day. I am going to hopefully put out good vibes by leaving my umbrella home and wearing my black demin cut-offs and my vintage Boston tour shirt!

Wish me luck on all the rides!!

Demi Lovato Amazes New Jersey

Last night was one of the most amazing nights ever, I went to Demi Lovato‘s concert in Holmdel, New Jersey!! I went with my sister and four of our friends and the six of us piled in our minivan and drove on down to NJ. After our two hour drive in stop and go traffic (and after a quick pit stop in Subway) we finally got to the theatre. Luckily for us we had bought VIP tickets so before the show we got to chill out in the VIP lounge and sit on fancy couches before the show started!

Hot Chelle Rae opened for Demi and they were waayy better that I expected them to be! I love their songs ‘Tonight Tonight’ and ‘I Like It Like That’ but now after the concert I also really like ‘Radio,’ ‘Whatever,’ and ‘Downtown!’ Not only are they extremely talented live but the lead singer is pretty cute! 

Right as the show started there was non-stop thunder and lightning but the rain could not stop us die hard lovatics! It was an outdoor theatre but (thank goodness) our seats were covered! It was as if it wasn’t even raining!

When Demi finally came out she opened with her fast-paced hit ‘All Night Long’ looking fierce in a black mesh bodysuit, high-waisted red leather shorts, and a white and black cardigan (not to mention her ah-mazing ombre pink hair!). The entire show she was dancing and shimmy-ing around the stage belting out every note as though it was her last. Demi is a definitely phenomenal performer but, even more than that, she is incredibly talented. Her voice is so much stronger now than it was years ago and she doesn’t need any computerization added to her voice, her voice is PERFECTION.

Everything about Demi is inspiring. She remained true to herself despite the massive amount of fame she has and she is still the goofy, quirky person she was at the start of her career. Demi is always on the news for the good she does, she stays out of trouble! Demi is so admirable for realizing she was a danger to herself and seeking help. Over the years, Demi has grown into a strong, honest, and beautiful person who will continue to spread her love to all that needs it.

My all-time top 5 Demi songs are:

  1. Lightweight
  2. Fix A Heart
  3. Here We Go Again
  4. Give Your Heart A Break
  5. Get Back

Last night was fantastic. Demi was flawless as usual. I had a blast! STAY STRONG!

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