Obsession: POLYVORE

Hey dolls!

My junior year of high school is literally the epitome of craziness. I have had been so so so busy and stressed and exhausted.

During the time that I am not doing homework, though, I go on this mega awesome website called Polyvore! One of my friends actually told me about it when I was about 12 years old but I never really went on it. I guess I didn’t really understand how to use it.

On Saturday, I was at my class at the Fashion Institute of Technology, for International Fashion Marketing, and we were assigned homework to do on Polyvore! So I reactivated my old account and BOOM I’m hooked.

On Polyvore you pretty much create your own fashion mood boards with a bunch of pictures of clothes, shoes, bows, bags, you name it! It’s pretty much like making a collage or a scrapbook. You can even add text, effects, and borders! When you’re done you publish them and people can follow you and like your collages and you can like an follow theirs! IT’S SO FUN!

Here’s some that I recently made!


If anyone has a Polyvore you should add me asap!! My username is onlineshopaholic

xoxo linds



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