Seventeen Magazine Keeps It Real

I have always been a tad skeptical when it came to the extent of photoshopping in teen magazines like any other person would be. Many companies have recently been put under fire due to over-editing their photos and ads and creating an unrealistic role model for teens everywhere (no one is expected to be a size 00 or to have long, lean legs!).

I must say I was super- duper relieved when Seventeen Magazine published in their latest issue that they keep their photoshopping to a minimum. The editor of this amazing mag, Ann Shoket, wrote on page 12 that yes, they do edit their pictures but they only make minor changes, anything more than that is not necessary. Ann wrote that “…we retouch images- removing wrinkles in fabric, stray hairs, a few zits, random bra straps- but we never alter the way the girls on our pages really look.” (Reassuring, right?!) Ann and Seventeen Magazine team are dedicated to showcasing how naturally beautiful girls are and assuring that their bodies and minds are both healthy.

It makes me feel so much better that all of the content is encouraging, realistic, and virtually unchanged. I also love that the mag features girls of all shapes, sizes, and skin tones!

The pictures on the right show the changes the editors make to their pictures; there aren’t any drastic changes and only minor things are altered. Go Seventeen Magazine!!